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Morell Information on Cala Morell can be found on the North coast page
Addaya For information on Port Addaia try the north coast page.
Apartments Try the holiday property page
ATM's ATM's can be found in all resorts and towns and take most cards. More info in our forums
Bosh Information on Cala n Bosc can be found on the Cala n Bosc page and the best beach guide
Salgar Information on S'Algar can be found on the S'Algar page
Binebeca or binnibecca See the Binibequer Information page
Calabosch Information on Cala n Bosc can be found on the South Coast page
Calanforcat for Cala n Forcat see the Cala Forcat information pages.
Cycling Yes you can cycle anywhere you want on Menorca, you can also hire cycles from most resorts
Ferry See the Links page for links to Ferry operators web sites or the Information page our our forums.
Nightclubs Menorca is not really a night club type of island You will find one or two in the main towns also in some of the larger hotels.
Nude and Naturism Sorry but at this time I have no specific information. Please try our forums.
Longa Cala Llonga is an urbanisation of privately owned villas on the north shore of the Port of Mao. Please try our forums.
Waterpark Try the Visitor tip and Information page and also for the Cala bosc park on the Cala n Bosc page.
Sonbou Information on Son Bou can be found on the Son Bou page
Transport I would suggest Car hire Poppy cars is our choice. But there are bus services that covers most of the island, although some resorts are only serviced two or three times a day with the last bus as early as 5 or 6 PM.
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