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Town guide to Es Castell

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Situated a short distance from Mahon / Mao with its two inlets, Cala Fonts and Cala Corb, is the town of Es Castell, the most easterly town in Spain and first to get the morning sun!

The town is steeped in British military history, which can still be seen today in its architecture. The most obvious is the central square, which was the main parade ground, with on the south side has a British military museum.

Now it’s the towns main plaza with a park for children around it's perimeter you'll find a number of very friendly bar where I like to sit sipping one of the local specialties watching my granddaughter at play with the other children.


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Es Castell was originally named Georgetown by the English who built it, and later renamed Real Villa de San Carlos (Villacarlos) when the island was under Spanish rule. It is now known as Es Castell The Castle, because of its proximity to the Fort of San Felip.

Es Castell has at the end of July its own "Fiesta de San jaume" a must if you're lucky enough to be here when it's on.

Es Castell plaza
Es Castell fiesta
Es Castell Menorca
Fiesta Es Castell Menorca
Es Castell video.

A short introduction to the town of Es Castell

Es Castell
Cala Corb Es Castell Menorca
Es Castell has plenty to offer its visitors, with shopping, restaurants and nigh clubs. There are market days twice a week, and the Fiesta de San Juame at the end of July.

Most of the bars and restaurants are situated around the two coves, Calas Fonts and Calas Corb. It is said that Cala Corb is so named because the bodies of the escapees from the quarantine island in the harbour were sometimes washed up here. Calas Fonts is the place most head for, it has something to suit all pockets and tastes. Many of the shops and restaurants are built into caves in the walls around the harbour, with a wide range of items from ceramics to the handmade Menorquean sandals on sale, all in a relaxing setting. At night the harbour comes to life and is a good place to go for an evening meal and drink.

Just off the roundabout outside Es Castell is the prehistoric village of Trepuco here can be found a large taylot. The village has been excavated and can be seen in the next field to the west, part of it dates back to the first or second millennium BC, it is well worth a visit.

Just a short distance to the east is Cala Estaban / Cala Es'Steve, a very quiet and picturesque cala great for a leisurely walk or swim from the many platforms all along the side of the Cala.

Down in the Cala you'll also find fort Marlborough, it was built by the British between 1710 and 1726. This together with the castle of Sant Felip gave protection to the entrance of the port of Mahon. Your visit starts with audio and visual introduction to the Fort and a little of the history of Menorca in the 18th century.

Photographs of Mao [Mahon] and Es Castell can be found in our Photo gallery We now have over 357 high quality photographs of menorca in our library.
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