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Menorcan Tips & info

A good tip for newcomers on arrival at the airport. Go to the information desk and ask for a free map of the island. This map shows you where everything is and just about every known beach,plus it's cheaper than buying one later.

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"At the moment 22nd June the mozzies are enjoying the taste of everyone's blood so please take repellent with you and and something to rub on afterwards because you will be bitten unless you escaped like our daughter did !! it didn't make for a good night sleep i can tell you." Very relevant still. from Louise.

You can also find tips for accommodation in Menorca on the portal:

We took nappies with us from the UK not knowing whether we would be able to buy well known brands in Menorca - we needn't have bothered - Pampers were available in the spar outlets and we also tried the spanish nappies called Fixies- which were a third of the price and just as good. So my tip would be leave the nappies at home!

Advise from a single parent
"holidaying on your own as a single parent with 2 small children can be very worrying scary, but not in Menorca. The island is very friendly & the locals love children. Although the Spanish driving can be a bit hair-raising in Mahon and Ciutadella, Menorca is got to be a first choice for a first timer single parent holiday." Lesley Pickup.

ATMs in Cala n Porter

While in Cala n Porter it seemed to be a regular occurrence for any one or more of the four available ATMs to be out of service, often in late afternoon when they must have been on siesta time?! For this reason it is useful to know where they are, in case of having to scout around for one in operation!

They are:

Underneath the chinese restaurant in the main street, just near to the exchange bureau.
On the outside wall of the large Spar supermarket opposite the Siesta Mar.
Inside the small supermarket on the main street.
In a "cubicle" in the row of shops at the top of the beach road, to the left of the Central Supermarket.

Fiesta in Cala n Porter is scheduled for late September Although it seems like so much common sense, it may be worth repeating (especially in light of a serious accident during the fiesta 2001) that the Jaleo horses are powerful, large and generally "performing" right beside the crowds without the barriers we would expect to see at such activities in UK. While it is tempting to get as near as possible, the horses can swing around quite quickly during a movement and it is possible for rider not to be able to steer them away from people standing very close.


Son Parc Golf

The following can be hired.
Club, Buggies, Electric trolleys, Pull trolleys.
Tee times can be booked by calling Son Parc on 971 188875
The e-mail address for this information was
Thanks go to Susan for the above info, she found what I couldn't.
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Beatriz (Madrid, Spain) has a very good bit of advice.

One of the most important things a visitor should know on his arrival in Menorca is that the WIND is determinant to choose the beach to go each day (if that's the plan...): You should always choose the contrary direction from which the wind blows. For example, if the wind blows from the north, you should choose any beach of the south coast, so you'll find the clear, calm and wonderful water. If you choose the north coast (in this example) it's highly probable you can find jellyfish, waves and even some rubbish...

Note I was told this on one of our first visits to Menorca and it is a very good bit of advice.

Cala Pregonda.
We found that going past the turning to Binimella and then taking the next right turn was easier walking on flat farm track. 15 min's exactly from car to beach.
Es Grau
We walked round the coastline in Es Grau and found ourselves on a beach alone. Lots of nudists on the beaches round there though. We took a boat trip round all of the coastline and next time we will have the boatman leave us on the island for a day. The Nature Park is well worth a visit at Es Grau as well. The fish jump all day long in the saltwater lake and the bird life is very interesting. The smaller lake can be dry this time of year but the large lake is magnificent. Next time we go we will take backpacks as the walking is hard going in places and you need your arms and hands free. Stewart.
Cala Forcat Aqua Park
The Aqua Park can be found on the main road going into Cala Forcat is a water park. It's not very big and really wouldn't be of much interest to the older child but it is perfect for 3-9 yr olds.

There are a few short flumes, slides etc but what it lacked in excitement it made up for it in other ways. The park was extremely clean, the restaurant was pretty good value ( great pizzas ) and best of all it was very safe for the little ones ( enclosed, lifeguard etc ) you paid one price which covered the whole day - under 3's free - and this included a bouncy castle play area. Throughout the day you could come and go as you pleased -they just stamped your hand so you could get back in. It opened at 10 am and shut around 6pm.

The bus from Ciutadella which runs regularly.( It stops right outside the park and your return bus picks up from the same stop ) I must say I thought the bus service was very good. They were clean, always on time and if the bus was full another was sent out within 5 minutes to pick up those left behind. Jayne.

Cala Galdana
If you're in Cala Galdana and have no car but fancy another beach for a change, try Mitjaneta. It is a much shorter walk than Macarella. Walk to the far end of the road at the back of the beach to the Sol Hotel. Go into the hotel and use the lift to the top floor where their pool is, thus avoiding the steps up the cliff. Leave the hotel grounds on the top of the cliff and cross over the road where the track to Mitjaneta will be found. It takes about 10-15 easy minutes to get there. Another few minutes along the same track and you come to the main Mitjana beach which is also nice save for a stagnant seaweed pool which occasionally smells a bit high!

If you fancy scuba diving while you're in Cala Galdana? Walk along the gorge on the shops side of the river past the Missisippi Bar, and you'll find Submorena Divers. The centre is run by Horst Peters. Many of his customers are German but he speaks excellent English. He is a great fun bloke, a very patient teacher, and really seriously safety conscious. He got me hooked on the diving bit.

If buying food ices etc walk to shop rather than purchase from beach bars only takes a couple of min's but saves half the price. Local exchange commission or tax as good as any i found in UK next to paseo maritimo visit pattiserie in town excellent bagettes and pastries great cant miss it. Tim.

Playa de Fornells
Tirant Playa which is about 5 minutes drive from Fornells.It is a reasonably new complex catering just for the English. We had a fantastic time and I would recommend it to anyone with a family, although if going for a fortnight a car is essential.

The entertainment was different every night and on the whole was very good. There are 3 different Restaurants in the resort not including the complex and a late bar for the night owls.(It closes when you leave!!) The only down side was the northern wind but I was told it is a blessing in mid-summer. I hope these comments help make your site a little more informative. Jason.

Cala Blanca / Santandria
If anyone visits the Cala Blanca / Santandria area I know of a fantastic place to visit. Go to Santandria beach, to the right of the beach, as you look out to sea, there is a boat house with stone steps behind. Go up the steps and at the top walk forwards, and not very far on you will see a sign for a "cave museum". The museum is actually the home of a lovely elderly Menorcan man, he has decorated the entire cave by carving designs by hand. There is a living room with a giants head fireplace, a bedroom with floor to ceiling mermaids and a bathroom with shells on every surface. He only charges a minimal fee and is open between 11am and 1 pm. I really recommend a visit, it's a work of art. Kathryn.

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