mestral & lleiberg All Inclusive 2011?

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Re: mestral & lleiberg All Inclusive 2011?

Post by SandyBeaches » May 9th, 2011, 4:46 pm

Going back to the original question, I have just received a mailing from First Choice saying how they are only going to be selling All-Inclusive holidays from 2012, which are on sale now. It also states that if you don't want to go all-inc then to look at Thomson who will be selling SC, B&B and HB holidays. They show the Mestral & Llebeig as an example in the leaflet.

I've just priced up a like for like holiday for next year (14 nights, early June, sc, 3 adults and 2 kids, 2 x 2 bedroom apartments with 20kg luggage each). We are paying £2,200 this year and the quote for the same next year was a whopping £3,600!!!

I think we will just have to make the most of our last year at the Mestral :-(

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Re: mestral & lleiberg All Inclusive 2011?

Post by francis150 » May 10th, 2011, 10:27 pm

I stayed in there apartments a few years ago with my 2 children , they loved it and would defo go back there is a childrens pool that would be fab for your kids. have a great time xxx :jozza: :jozza: :ele: :ele: :weedman:

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Re: mestral & lleiberg All Inclusive 2011?

Post by mattsam129 » May 24th, 2011, 6:45 pm

Has any one visited ST since going AI?

Is the food good?

I know not to everyones taste but - the Supermarkets are far too expensive and have preyed on the captive audience in ST.

Went to Dom Rep years ago (bargain deal) AI was great - fresh local produce at certain times of the day, drink throughout. We thought obout ST then saying this would be a good Idea as Seth Hotels own half of ST anyway.

People make places great not dirt cheap prices, otherwise you wouldnt be looking to go to ST or Menorca, you would be looking at Benidorm. At the end of the day your hard earned £ deserves quality and if you love Menorca and Santo Tomas, whether its Self catering (being able to buy and eat whatever and whenever you want on perhaps a budget) or all inclusive where you pay extra for the local foods and drink served at designated times the choice is yours.

Which ever you'll still enjoy Santo Tomas.

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