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Lord Nelson Hotel

Posted: April 30th, 2015, 11:32 am
by ginandtonic
Wondered if anyone has any info regarding The Lord Nelson Hotel. On our last visit to Santo Tomas, it was filled with Italian guests, and I notice this year it can be booked through one of the British tour operators on an A/I basis. However, Thomson are selling it on a half board basis for Summer 2016 as one of their Platinum Holidays at 4Tplus rating. Looks rather swanky on the website. Search shows the hotel is owned by either Globales or Hi! company, but there is no mention of a refurb on their websites.

Re: Lord Nelson Hotel

Posted: April 30th, 2015, 6:33 pm
by The Voice
There was a dispute with the Italians regarding contracts over the last couple of years (resulted in late season openings) so it has now been opened up again to the Brits. They did say it was going to have a big refurbishment.

Shame really as it was nice to go in there with the Italians as it actually felt like you were abroad and they were always friendly (and the food was good).

I am gong out to Santo Tomas next week for a few days, so will check it out

Re: Lord Nelson Hotel

Posted: April 30th, 2015, 9:52 pm
by oldseadog
Yep agree their, who wants to go abroad and be surrounded by Brits,
might as well have gone to South end !! or Blackpool
ps I do like Se,
BP.never been that far North in England...too cold :sad:

Re: Lord Nelson Hotel

Posted: May 3rd, 2015, 6:09 pm
by carben
The Nelson usually opens late May/beg June. I thought it was a Hi hotel but it's not, as mentioned before, on their website any more.

Re: Lord Nelson Hotel

Posted: May 15th, 2015, 4:32 pm
by The Voice
It is owned by Globales and has had a major refurb inside which looks very clinical and has in my opinion lost some of it's character. Mind you it has only just been done so will take a time to get the lived in look.
Talking to the staff who we know, they said that it is Germans that are there and it is for Adults only at the moment so will be catering for this market (which is strange as it is next to Las Dunas so you get the noise of children anyway).

The sister hotel up the road, is also having a refurb and looks like it will be opening at the end of the month.

The Victoria Playa has also had a refurb, but again also looks very clinical. At least it will be easier to keep clean.