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Re: I'll be here

Post by watta » April 5th, 2018, 1:35 pm

Hi, and thanks for coming on here. :finga:

Yes I did get back the dosh from the Monarch shambles, and was refunded by my credit card company. However, not ONE email, letter, txt from the owners apologising for this disgraceful behaviour they gave out to their clients, some of who like myself, have been going for at least 20 years. Well enough of Jesus and Mandy (the management of MOSSA), there, as I will NOT be going back there, but will eventually go elsewhere in Santo Tomas.
My holiday itinerary for this year has dramatically changed, as there is a now a lovely lady in my life now, and am waiting to decide to go to her country instead.

Thanks anyway for asking and it is much appreciated. :finga:

:supz: :dream: :c9: :finga:

ROLL ON 2021, perhaps.

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