Marinda garden club Cala n Bosc

Accommodation & Restaurant info for the Cala'n Bosc, Son Xoriguer and Cap d'Artrutx area.
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Marinda garden club Cala n Bosc

Post by Scoobygirl71 » September 27th, 2014, 10:15 am

Marinda garden club-Cala n Bosc
We stayed at the Marinda garden club from 12th sep-19th 2014,this was our first holiday as a family and I was so worried about it being a good holiday.
Well I can gladly say I would defiantly go back :-)
The Marinda garden was fantastic,especially if you have children :-) ,the place itself was loverly couldn't of asked for a better place.
The apartments was a bit dated but very clean,maids came in 5 days a week.
Hotel it's self was loverly,food was amazing so much to chose from,staff there was brilliant,childrens club ppl was fantastic with the children,that much my son cried when he had to leave the ppl who ran the kids club lol.
Pool area was loverly & even better the water park next door is a definite ,don't miss it if you go there.
The only thing I have to say bad about the place is the lifeguards when on duty did not do their jobs,they was either on the phone or in the pool or just not there which I didn't like.....why have lifeguards if they not doing their job.
He Marina was a beautiful place ,lots to see and do down there.
DO NOT go into the goody goody as we took our children on the last day.
The water was not deep enough when they was coming out of the slides so every child was hurting themselfs :-( my son ended up with a massive bruise on his belly :-( .......but the biggest thing was the arcade in there,it has a very big problem of giving people very big shocks when you touch the metal in there,my daughter who is only 9 got a big shock & so did I :-( ,a woman told us it was because we never had shoes on so my daughter put hers on and she still got a shock,so avoid if you can......was not worth the 30 Euros we paid to be in there.
So apart from the goody goody place and the lifeguards at hotel the holiday was fantastic :-) :grin:

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Re: Marinda garden club Cala n Bosc

Post by SusieH » September 27th, 2014, 6:08 pm

Oooh :shock: not good about the shocks and the lack of water :evil: but glad it didn't ruin your holiday.

Thanks for the brilliant report :finga: :finga:
I'll stop moaning, when you give me a pay rise this :arms: big


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Re: Marinda garden club Cala n Bosc

Post by rachells12 » November 2nd, 2014, 9:04 am

Hi, sounds like you had a great holiday, we love cala n bosc. Miranda gardens is 1 of the places I'm looking at for our 2115 family holiday,(there or roc logo)
I am sure they used to offer 2 bedroom accommodation, but can not see any now. Don't suppose you had 2 bedrooms, or know if these exist or if it was all wishful thinking on my part :grin:

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Re: Marinda garden club Cala n Bosc

Post by ladyrose » November 2nd, 2014, 9:12 am

really good report thanks for sharing.
It is very good to know the good and the bad things.

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