Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Accommodation & Restaurant info for the Cala'n Bosc, Son Xoriguer and Cap d'Artrutx area.
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Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by Just_as_Travis » April 25th, 2015, 11:06 am

Apologies for the long post! :shock: Hopefully it'll be worth a read.

We had a lovely week in Cala ‘n Bosch in April – there are many wonderful things I can say about the island. :cool: However our experience with rented accommodation, landlord in particular, was so strange and poor I felt moved to share it as a warning to other. In hindsight it’s quite entertaining yarn. So I’ve lost 50 Euros, but it won’t be wasted if it raises a few smiles and helps a few people avoid Richard Vedeguer trying to take their trousers down (not literally, in case his 'solicitors' are reading!)! :susies:

Early this year we booked this Villa property through Owners Direct at an agreed rate of 300 Euro for the week and transferred all the money:

Two days before we’re due to fly, owner Richard Verdeguer drops an innocuous email to say there is a problem with the plumbing, and he has decided to move us, but don’t worry it’s a ‘much better’ and ‘more expensive’ place.
An irritation :roll: but, I reason, these things happen, it sounds like an upgrade, and too late to do much about it now anyway. This is where he suggests:

Hmm, okay, looks nice enough, a bit poky :???: and we really wanted the villa for quite life, BBQ etc, but what can you do? Then girlfriend notices on the web page that the April price for the apartment is actually lower, at 250 Euro per week. He must have overlooked this, so I’ll drop him a line. Such a trivial thing, he will probably apologise and honour it, no questions asked right? Well that’s where the fun and games began…

So, we check the website again and it does say 300 Euro. Hmm, maybe we did make a mistake? But would two of us, sat at two different computers, make the same mistake? Suspicious. Maybe he's just logged into his owner's account and changed it... no! the gall.... if only there was a way of telling... ...much googling later... did you know you can view a CACHED WEBPAGE? Google stores a version every few days, so I view the latest cache from the day before and... BUSTED! He's literally just logged on and changed it, then told me I read it wrong. Well, now my blood is up. :evil:
Still no acknowledgement of his banditry! Clearly with two days to go I don't want to be cancelling and turning up at the airport with no accomodation!! :lost: :gmb:
Later this day I spoke to Richard Verdeguer by telephone. It was a confusing experience. He speaks English well enough, but not a flicker of recognition for my query, just an increasing tempo and pitch of muttering about how stressed he his, before abruptly he has to go, then rings off.

Later again, a text where his position softens, but I press him on my (still quite simple) point :susie-brickwall: and at last we apperar to have a breakthrough :smile: Fair deal says he.

So off we trot and have a lovely time in Menorca. The apartment is fine but largely unremarkable. No sign of Richard and we want to relax and enjoy the holiday so I don't try to track him down.

But when I get back I remind him (a couple of times) that he owes me 50 Euro.


This is when things go from bad to LOL. I am currently cowering at home under the threat of a Spanish Solicitor's letter citing a breach of Article 420 of the Rulez of the Internetz! :scare:
But you may have gathered by now that when it comes to principles, I am rather persistent :denise:
Here he dangles the carrot of having me write a good review, then of course he'll refund the money. :rolleyes:
Then just in case I believed he was sincere, he threatens to blacklist me from the villa booking website. Oh no! How will I survive?!

In summary, I thoroughly recommend Menorca, Cuitadella, Cala'n Bosch and even Villa Tamarinda was nice but Richard Verdeguer is best avoided if you want a relaxing holiday experience!
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Re: Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by LinH » April 25th, 2015, 6:32 pm

Thanks for the warning, glad you enjoyed your holiday anyway. Love your persistence, hopefully he'll think twice before trying to pull a stunt like this again.

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Re: Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by SusieH » April 25th, 2015, 9:51 pm

Well :???: :shock: :lol: forearmed is forewarned as they say.

Glad you enjoyed it though :lol:
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Re: Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by Susan19 » April 25th, 2015, 10:27 pm

Glad you had a lovely holiday on Menorca and haven't let this con person get you down.

Don't like dealing with private owners, availability they can't be bothered to update, emails never responded to, I don't trust the reviews either & reading your experience of 'leave a good review' blackmail shows why. Don't think he has a cat in hells chance of blacklisting you from Owners Direct especially if you forwarded them the cached Google pages, so another lie :sad: :sad: :sad:
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Re: Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by Santo » June 16th, 2015, 9:27 am

Very interesting and I am impressed by your refusal to be bullied!

€50 isn't a huge amount as you say so this person could have easily reimbursed you and not lost face - now he looks unpleasant and unscrupulous. People often forget that in the virtual world of computers things still lurk in the background and that caching can catch them out if they are trying to pull a fast one - you can delete things but they are still there if someone has the expertise, knowledge and persistence to find them

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Re: Richard Verdeguer, Villa Tamarinda, Cap D’Atrutx, AVOID!

Post by Sunseaker » June 16th, 2015, 10:13 pm

:sad: What a shame this happened, but talking to another member last week who had the same thing almost with an apartment in Cala en Porter after booking through owners direct, they did get to see the owner who lives there and got their money back (but not the £150 deposit) they had to go into a hotel for the two week stay :evil:
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