Sant Joan festival

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Re: Sant Joan festival

Post by 1948felix » April 11th, 2015, 11:45 am

Every year more and more people come over from mainland and Majorca and the festival has been taken over by "outsiders" . The lady that was killed last year was middle aged and Spanish not Menorcan, and because of the thousands that get into the harbour just could not get out of the way when the riderless horse plunged into the crowd. There are going to be restrictions this year on how many can people can go down into the harbour area (the sanded off area where the "games" take place, and wrist bands will be issued. The security volunteers are being increased and apparently extra police are coming over to help out the hard pushed Menorcan police. Even so, these days it is not a place for young children, or those of a nervous disposition. There is also talk that barriers may be used to create a corridor for the horses to safely gallop through without risk to themselves an their riders when competing. Personally I am really saddened that this fantastic fiesta has been affected in this way (bearing in mind how many years it has been celebrated by Cuitadellians!) it needs to be given back to the people that matter (the locals) and really restrict the youngsters that flood over from Majorca and Barcelona and cause most of the problems. The TV coverage is good, and to be honest you see more on the screen. We will be going to the previous sunday for the sheep day and nut throwing and to the Plac de Born on the 24th when the horses congregate before going down to the harbour, and then head back to the villa for some cava and the tv coverage. Luckily we have happy memories of being down in the harbour in the heat of it all, but we were younger and fitter and the crowds were not so huge as they are now. The fireworks go off 11 p.m. on the evening following the last day of the festival, they are worth watching and the kids will love the big boomers! Sa Farola and the coast road are the best places I think. Happy Fiesta (Bones Festa!)

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