New one-way system in the port of Mahon

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New one-way system in the port of Mahon

Post by kieronf » June 12th, 2020, 11:38 am

There is a new one-way traffic system now in operation along the port of Mahon. Traffic drive along the port from the Carrer de Corea end (the next roundabout into town from Rusty) - the road is now one way with parking, nose in on the right hand side and at the bottom of the hill you can turn left along the port or right, as before to Cala Figuera. Traffic entering the port road from the port roundabout end can only progress as far as Pedro's boats (next to the gin distillery) - a new mini-roundabout has been installed for traffic to turn and return the way they came.

The traffic lane nearest to all the shops and restaurants has been painted grey to distinguish it from the (now single direction) roadway - this is the new pedestrian walkway. The old pavement is to be given over to businesses to extend their terraces right out to the edge of the pavement in order to increase the number of tables, this is to counter the restrictions introduced as a result of the emergency powers.

Almost 90% of businesses object to the plan as it means that traffic unable to find a parking space now has to travel all the way back around the outskirts of Mahon to start another lap of the port road - madness. It is here to stay though.

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