Torre Soli Development

Accommodation & Restaurant info for the Son Bou, San Jamie and Torri Soli resort area.
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Torre Soli Development

Post by Sue Adderley » January 6th, 2021, 3:44 pm

Happy New Year All (fingers crossed it’s better than 2020)! :prayer:

Well we actually managed a 2 week stay on the island for Christmas and New Year, this time without being interrupted by flight cancellations, despite all the chaos going on in the UK :???:

Flights between Manchester – Palma – Mahon went smoothly, although the Easyjet flight from Manchester was probably only a third full and no-one even bothered to check our PCR test certs in Palma airport (waste of 340 quid), but they were obsessed with checking we’d got the Spanish passenger form QR code every 100 metres or so! :roll:

Back in Son Bou, Compostella restaurant seemed to be open every day (never saw anyone in there though) and the bakery, which also serves alcohol, opened daytime hours during the week and it appeared to be the regular meeting spot for the few locals that were about. :toasting:

There are some ‘improvements’ going on at the mo too. The cobble-stone footpath along the main road behind the San Jaime complex is being replaced with new concrete printed stuff, which will be better. However, major works are going on in Torre Soli Nou and TBH I think the Menorcan government has lost the plot! :evil:

Planning has been agreed for a 450 occupancy hotel and 397 individual properties to be built, which will be Phase 2 of the urbanisation. We knew it was on the cards years ago, but as tourism hasn’t yet recovered to pre-crisis levels and now we have Covid, we presumed it would be shelved for the foreseeable future. However, we noticed a sign by the turning to Es Forn, which said work is now underway with an end date of Spring 2022. We drove towards the restaurant and found that the road is now practically as wide as a motorway and it branches off through the forest in a couple of directions. The roadworks continued almost every day while we were there and we could hear chainsaws felling the trees from our apartment. :shock:

It just seems crazy they’ve started this now, in the current climate and I’m surprised I haven’t seen protests from the GOB, when they’ve been going on about the reformation of the ‘twin towers’ for yonks now. I don’t know how long the island will keep its biosphere reserve status if they insist on starting (and possibly never completing) ridiculous developments like this, along with the bridges of doom along the ME1!

Rant over! :finga:

I’ll do a holiday review after I’ve done a bit of yoga! :lol:

Sue :partyman:

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Re: Torre Soli Development

Post by Sunseaker » January 7th, 2021, 10:29 am

:grin: Thanks for getting back Sue, glad you managed to get away. :grin:
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