Menorcalife blog Tue Jan 12, 2016

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Menorcalife blog Tue Jan 12, 2016

Post by ladyrose » January 12th, 2016, 1:11 pm

I am not sure where to start it has been so long since my last lot of waffle.

So I guess I will just waffle away.

Last Summer in Menorca pretty much blew my socks off.
In 10 years of living here I have never seen MY MENORCA so busy.
The roads were next to impossible to get from A to B without pulling your hair out.
So many folks all trying to drive on the (what they see as) the wrong side of the road.Usually ending up with half a car on one side and a half on the other. That is all very well until you come around a corner only to find yourself trying to avoid putting yourself in the ditch.
For anyone out there PLEASE PLEASE when you hire a car us locals are firstly not used to this amount of traffic on the roads never mind the kind that drives straight at us.

Ok!!! enough of my pet peeve I best get off my hobby horse.

The locals last year must have been rubbing their hands together with the amount of extra business last year.
But now I hear they are trying to bring in ECO tax again.It makes me wonder what kind of business minds they have. :???:
When Menorca is eventually smiling due to the extra holiday makers they try to get too much from them,that could be enough to say to heck with it mainland Spain is a better option. :sad:
Not too long ago there was a Poll to see what the locals thought of Tourism. Well the result was that they believe they CAN live without it :shock:
Are they blinkered :cool: cheese and shoes are not what is going to keep Menorca afloat. :roll:
Only time will tell how this ECO tax thing will pan out.

I love this time of year to go walking and explore places I have not found yet.
The weather is fantastic with day time temps on average 20 degrees.
The beaches are quite and in fact last week when I was over at Binigaus there were still folks in the water swimming.
(not me I am afraid) I usually finish swimming before the end of September.
It is funny but as I sit here writing this I look out the window and the first thing that comes to mind is SPRING :shock:
I must say that as far as I am aware we did not even have WINTER yet.
The locals are very concerned about the lack of rain apparently it is down 50% on the last 10 years.
I came back from Ireland in October and I think I am correct in saying it has rained 2 times and only for about 30 mins each.
That is no where near what we need. If it does not rain soon I THINK we may be in trouble for the Summer.
Getting back to my walking in Winter as and from the end of the month I won't be able to do much of it :sad:
My big brother who moved here 4 years ago has met a new woman and is packing up Menorca and moving back to Barcelona. :sad:
I suppose I am a bit of a moan but, in the past couple of years everyone that I got close to moved back to the mainland or the UK.(was it something I said) :lol: :lol:

With Spring in the air it is making think towards my polytunnel and getting my seedlings started.
My little polytunnel is great but last year we decided to to a HUGE big one.We started it with all the heavy work in and the plastic is just sat there waiting to be put over it.The problem is it is 9 feet tall and about 100 foot long.
How do we old folks get this on. :lol: :lol: Maybe we will have polytunnel covering party. :lol: Lots of beer and food in exchange for helping with the covering.
I did warn you lot I had lots of waffling to do and I realise I am all over the place with this blog so please bear with me .The next one will be better written (I HOPE)

I wanted to talk about the birds here at the moment.
The starlings are doing the maturation thing 100's of them but it took me to thinking if they are massing before they leave then is it not a bit late? :???: (DAVE THE BIRDER WILL KNOW BETTER THAN ME)
If they leave now they will be back the next day because Spring seems to be upon us.

The buzzards are incredible to watch at the moment every morning and evening they are dancing in the sky over my house.They are fantastic to watch but the sound is what gets me it is so haunting when they call each other.
Last week when I was out walking my dogs I came across a guy on my land with his Binoculars and a man made hide tent. Bloody cheek on private property. :evil: My problem is he came out of the bushes and my big German Shepard just about peed his pants. Then had the cheek to tell me my dog should be on a lead on MY LAND :evil:
Needless to say I sent him off with a flea in his ear. :twisted:

Well I did warn you I was going to waffle but for the moment I will sign off and go take the dogs for another walk and hopefully get some nice pictures.

This pic will give you all an idea about how far from civilization I am :lol:
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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by Boycie » January 12th, 2016, 1:22 pm

Good read Rose like the story about the man on your land thank you.
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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by TrentEnd » January 12th, 2016, 1:32 pm

Thank you Rose, your post has brought a smile to my face. Only been home a couple of days and I'm missing it! Nice sunny morning in the East Midlands today but 6°C doesn't quite match to last week's 18°C!

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Sue Adderley
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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by Sue Adderley » January 12th, 2016, 2:13 pm

Lovely report Rose! I wish we were still over there, been back just over a week now, and I'm already counting down the weeks to Easter :sad:

Just a nosey question about your location (you don't have to be specific, of course). Are you within walking distance of Alaior, (or another town)?

We're weighing up what it's like spending all winter there, and whether we'd be better off buying a property in a town/on the outskirts of a town, rather than in a resort (which we've got at the mo), when we do eventually decide to retire. We always spend 7-10 days there over Christmas, and the driving to shops/bars/restaurants doesn't really bother us, but I guess if we're going to spend most of the winter there (eventually), it guess it would be nice to be able to walk to the amenities. Just wondered what your experience of winter living is like.

Sue :toasting:

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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by watta » January 12th, 2016, 2:39 pm

Great report Rose. :finga: :finga: :grin: :grin:

Yes the ECO Tax indeed.???????. Are they trying to throw away good business when it comes to the visitors.?????. Sometimes you begin to wonder what year these bureaucrats live in.!!!!!.

Loved your story about the man on your land. Bloody cheek and nerve of him. :twisted: . Well I hope he cr$£%^d his bleedin' pants all the way back to the airport or wherever. What a pratt.!!!!!. The German Shepherd did the right thing and made him s&(%t his pants. Good on the dog. :supz: .

Look forward to your next story about life over there and enjoy the good weather.

Take care,

:supz: :dream: :c9: :finga:

ROLL ON 2021, perhaps.

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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by SusieH » January 12th, 2016, 6:57 pm

See, that wasn't too hard was it :lol: :lol:

I dunno about loving the bit about the bloke on your land - I loved the bit about the dog pee'ing himself :lol: :roll: :roll: good guard dog then is he :lol: :lol:

Lovely read, here's to the next lot of waffle :finga: :finga:
I'll stop moaning, when you give me a pay rise this :arms: big


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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by ciaran » January 12th, 2016, 7:28 pm

It's great to have your waffle back, :smile:
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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by carben » January 12th, 2016, 7:59 pm

Thanks Rose. Lovely to read your thoughts! Won't the Menorcan government ever learn? Last time we had the ECO tax, people stopped going as it made too expensive for families (I wasn't too pleased myself). To be presented with a demand for money at the hotel on arrival, per person, certainly put the mockers on the start of your holiday.
Wow if that photo was taken on your land, I might come and camp out too just to see that sky, lucky you! I'll help with the poly-tunnel but at 4ft 11ins I might struggle too. I can make tea??

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Re: Silly fools you asked for it.

Post by davethebirder » January 12th, 2016, 8:06 pm

Thanks for the waffle Rose, it's better than that Yankie crap they have for breakfast!!

From what I understand and have observed, the Starlings only mass up on the Island during Winter, they migrate down from the North of mainland Europe. They spread out over the island during the day and mainly head en-masse for the Son Bou reedbeds at night for protection and warmth. Reports of 1 million plus, some even coming from Majorca for the night! We have seen them in January, but a few years ago, we came out in February and there were none. Had a word with the experts at S'Albufera and they said it was so cold they all disappeared, probably further South to North Africa for the rest of the Winter.

When you said:
ladyrose wrote:The starlings are doing the maturation thing 100's of them but it took me to thinking if they are massing before they leave then is it not a bit late?

did you mean "murmuration", being a group of Starlings or "maturation" as said, where the young birds are waiting to mature before heading off on migration like you see the Swallows on the wires in autumn?

However I shall be out next week (it wasn't me trespassing on your land!) to have a look and check out your "Buzzards" as well!


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Re: Menorcalife blog Tue Jan 12, 2016

Post by ladyrose » January 13th, 2016, 9:32 am

Thanks guys :grin: I think my next blog will have to be the truth of living in Menorca over winter.

Sue my house is not within walking distance of any town I need to drive everywhere.
It is kind of smack in the middle of San Climent and Alaior in the Barranc.

Dave I think I spelled it wrong yes what I mean was the starlings moving out. :grin: