First Visit Planning

Any general questions, tips or information, best beaches, great days and nights out in Menorca.
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First Visit Planning

Post by Mister_Tibbs » April 14th, 2019, 11:31 am

Morning, all. First time on the forum, first time to Menorca. I am starting the early planning for 2020 (I know, I know) and will be hiring a villa for us and our two adult daughters. Although we'll have a car and be happy to drive any distance from the airport, we would want to be staying within feasible walking distance of shops and restaurants. We're keen on peace and quiet but not isolation; we're not keen on large resorts. Trouble is I know very little about the island and so am completely unsure which areas would be most suitable. Would anyone be able to direct me, in a very general sense at least, at where to start (and where, if anywhere, to avoid)? Any and all advice would be welcome.

Many thanks.

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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by SusieH » April 14th, 2019, 3:37 pm

Welcome to the site :finga: :finga:

You'll get some very helpful responses from our members who know the island inside out practically.

My little input might help although we haven't been over there for many years :sad: but the first time we stayed in Canutells, we loved it but it is a bit out of the way. The following year was in Cala Longa - disaster - it was purely residential with no restaurants and bars at all, whether it's changed now I don't know but don't stay there because you're miles from anything. Binibeca is our favourite place, quiet but with shops and restaurants close by. Calan Porter is a bit busier but again we loved it. It's all down to what you really want.

But keep checking back for all the responses and hopefully you'll decide on the best place.

But one thing's for sure .... you'll get hooked :grin: :grin: I promise :grin:
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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by bini-lizard » April 14th, 2019, 4:14 pm

I agree with Susie, Binibeca would be a good choice for you. Why not have a look on this site in the ‘Members villas for rent’ section? There’s 2 in Binibeca (one is mine :mad: ) I stayed at the other one years ago. They’re both nice.

Other areas could be Son Bou if you were away from the busy end or Cala Galdana

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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by Shuggie » April 14th, 2019, 6:20 pm

one is mine
Yer some boy you :lol: :lol:
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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by cidersteve » April 14th, 2019, 7:47 pm

cala n porter would be a good choice, good balance of nice villas, supermarkets and restaurants, going back this year for the third time :cool: :cool:
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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by bini-lizard » April 14th, 2019, 9:09 pm

We have BBC tele and soft loo paper :supz:

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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by Slartibartfast » April 15th, 2019, 11:54 am

bini-lizard wrote:
April 14th, 2019, 9:09 pm
We have soft loo paper :supz:
Thats a clincher :lol:

Hi and welcome to MenorcaTalk. First let me say that most resorts in Menorca are quiet compared with other places.

Quiet beach resorts include:
Punta Prima 15 minutes away from the airport. Its a small quiet resort. with a good selection of bar / restaurants overlooking the beach plus a couple of supermarkets, good beach.
Binibequer again 15 mins from the airport with plenty of bars/restaurants and shops nice little beach.
Cala Galdana 40-50 mins from the airport a compact resort with everything you'll need but is quite hilly with a great curve of sand
Son Park 30 - 40 mins drive from the airport quiet but with a gold course nice sheltered beach.

Beach resorts offering a little more
Calan Porter 15 mins from the Airport lots of shops, bars and restaurants but the beach is either a drive or a walk down a hill or 200 steps.
Son Bou 30+ mins away from the airport fantastic beach and all the bars restaurants and shops you'll need
Arenal de'n Castell 30 - 40 mins from the airport, a lovely horseshoe sheltered beach and plenty of shops and bars.

Then there is the west coast resorts, Cala Blanca, Calan Forcat and Calan Bosc plus others all 1 hour + drive from the airport. Not the best for beaches but are regarded as Menorca's busiest resorts.

If you have any more questions please ask away.
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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by RubiAnne » April 16th, 2019, 10:14 am

Cala Galdana is said to be the gem of the island. It's a small resort with restaurants and bars. Not too noisy. Not sure about shops -- there are the touristy gift shops but I can't recall if there is a supermarket. When we stayed there we used local restaurants so we didn't need to do food shopping.

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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by kieronf » April 16th, 2019, 2:16 pm

You didn't mention what time of year you are planning on visiting - that would determine here best to base yourself in terms ov very little opens anywhere much before the beginning of May and closes up at the end of October.

Another thing to consider is that the island is extremely small and, even in Summer, the time to drive from one place to another is relatively short - the only real exception to that is if you are trying to drive into Cuitadella where the traffic jams can last as long as an hour or more in peak season.

With young adults it does sound as if ready access to Mahon might be a good idea as it has bars to suit all ages and tastes, countless good restaurants, theatre, market and, of course, all the shops.

Where you rent will depend on what exactly you want. Some of the quieter places to rent - Trabaluger and such places don't have any facilities at all - you make your own evening entertainment unless you want to drive or get a taxi (€12) to Mahon. Alternatives might be places like San Climente which has a selection of bars, restaurants and supermarkets to give you some variety if you didn't want to self-cater all of the time - if you could find a villa within walking/short drive, that might be ideal.

Hope we've given you food for thought, if you need any further info just ask away, someone will always give you specific information once you have a location in mind.

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Re: First Visit Planning

Post by Duffer » April 16th, 2019, 7:09 pm

Bini-lizard, how do I find members villas for rent on the forum?

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