Moving to menorca from the UK

Any general questions, tips or information, best beaches, great days and nights out in Menorca.
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Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by Dg security » July 20th, 2019, 12:51 am

Hi everybody,

We are a family of four I'm 41 my partner 39, two kids 9 and 6. After many family holidays in Menorca 7 in total and our daughter getting cancer at the age of 3 who's is in remission now we have decide lifes to short!

A quick description below of our jobs etc!

Wife: Estate / letting agent Age: 39
Myself: Electrician CCTV/ ALARM ENGINEER. Age: 41
Kids 6 and 9.

Please if someone could advise we are thinking of moving over. I would like to know as Menorca seems to be a holiday island there would be enough work for me and my partner to provide funds for living in Menorca year round.

Also does anyone know what the situation would be if Britain exits the EU, would it be possible even if not moving now be a wise move to obtain citizenship now whilst in the EU also how easy and what would be required.

Many thanks in advance,

PS is there anyone looking for electricians and alarm Engineers to join a company.

Dave & Sandra.

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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by Rickse28 » August 30th, 2020, 10:33 am

Good luck with your plans! Am wanting to do the move there as well, although to retire there.
I am not an expert on Menorca or Spain in general (apart from as a tourist), but my impression of all things European is that you probably would encounter bureaucratic hurdles unless you have the necessary certificates - and that usually involves learning Spanish. I am sure you would pick up the methods of electrical installations there, though.
In happier times your wife would probably be able to get work in the English-specialising estate agents. I'm not sure exactly what the situation is at present however - there are many forum members who live there full-time who are a mine of information regarding property letting and sales.
I have noticed that there are a colossal number of properties for sale on the island, and presumably all over Spain. I suspect many second-home owners are feeling the pinch, or are afraid that travel restrictions will be a big feature of life from now on. We can view that both ways - either the agents need a ton of extra helpers to deal with the workload, or the business itself is in meltdown. I don't want to be too negative, but I would opt for the latter.
My best guess is that you both would find work one way or another, but perhaps in the grey economy (ie dealing with Brits, cash...). Menorca's economy is highly seasonal, hibernating during the off season. One idea I have been pondering is to establish some form of training there. How about you and your wife picking up on that?

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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by SusieH » August 30th, 2020, 4:59 pm

Do check out the forum 'Property Owners, Buying and Living in Menorca', just a few posts down from this one. There is a mine of information which may help in that forum.

And as previous poster said we have quite a few members who live permanently over there and might have some valuable info for you, so keep checking back.

Good luck x
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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by Globetrotter » September 1st, 2020, 12:35 am

The next year to probably two years are going to be an excellent time to buy in Menorca, and probably Southern Europe in general. We're watching it closely, but are in no rush to act as I think the market is in unprecedented levels of distress and has a lot further to fall.

If you are going to have to work in Spain (not remotely 'in' the UK) to fund your move and life, there is a lot to think about. Naturally this focuses on Brexit - the gift that keeps on giving. Currently there is no agreement for what happens after the withdrawal period ends on 31st December 2020 - general advice is to make your move before this date, if at all possible. Not too helpful under the current circumstances. Both Spain and the UK do want to come to a reciprocal agreement on living and working rights for their citizens, but we're still a way off anything concrete it seems. Then there is Covid-19. This has hit Spain's economy harder than any other country in Europe, meaning it will take much longer for the country to recover - five years is probably still being optimistic in my view, which is going to have a massive affect on the jobs market, especially in places like Menorca.

My advice is to watch how things play out for a couple of years. Allow the housing market to bottom out (again), Brexit uncertainty to be ironed out and hopefully for large scale Covid-19 vaccinations to be brought onstream which will restore people's confidence in travelling. Then reassess the situation when you have the full facts. is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...

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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by Shuggie » September 1st, 2020, 6:39 am

Here’s something to think about. I have a number of friends in menorca who are estate agents and they say they are really busy selling properties to Catalans and people from Madrid. These people then take out residency in menorca but don’t live here full time. By having residency they can return to Menorca if/when the next lockdown happens and with the 75% travel discount that you get as a resident. This definitely happened during the last lockdown as we whiteness a surge in new arrivals coming to stay in their second homes. Legitimately as well as they were classed as returning to their main residence as they have residency here. So this has helped the property market in Menorca maintain it prices due to being seen as a safe haven.
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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by bulwellian » September 1st, 2020, 9:31 am

Menorca may hve been seen as a safe haven ,but no more,after the powers that be let the Catalans in the virus is now rife and the authorities are blaming the locals ,if they actually told the truth the public might have more faith in them, i see the island having another period of lockdown to try and stabilise the situation , so we all suffer for the stupidity of the authorities
The one main thing you have to consider is health cover as a new resident[possibly] you would not be entitled to Spanish health service cover ,which is very good, so remember to factor in private health insurance which with your little one having suffered from cancer would be probably very expensive

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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by kieronf » September 1st, 2020, 7:56 pm

A good friend of mine here is also friends with the proprietors of many of the principal property agents on the island. They suggest that the market is very strong at the moment, for all the reasons that Shuggie has already mentioned, but also, demand is strong from France Italy and Germany. What isn't selling is the 'typical' rental apartment because there is a glut on the market after licensing problems, taxation problems and Brexit. If you buy wisely, in the right areas, property here represents a very good investment.

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Re: Moving to menorca from the UK

Post by beachstroller » September 5th, 2020, 6:20 pm

@bulwellian you do know you signature website has been hacked? - please remove

Hi and welcome. This might sound harsh but really think about how you can earn money. Electricians need to get the Spanish qualifications to be able to complete installations. There are so many Estate agents with a part-time ex pat on their books or they are Born on Menorca from UK and have got those bases covered - if you were multiligual( french,Italian and German ) you would have a lot more appeal as an employee

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