Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Accommodation & Restaurant info for the Son Parc resort.
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Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Post by NickR » August 17th, 2012, 8:40 pm

This was my first visit to Menorca. My wife had been there as a child for about 10 years running with her parents, and had been trying to get me there for a few years. I finally succumbed this year and we had a fabulous time.

We flew from East Midlands with BMI Baby on 28th July for two weeks, the flight was on time, no hiccups, and landed at Mahon just after 7pm. We had collected our baggage, picked up a brand new Citroen C3 hire car, picked up some basic supplies from a supermarket from the Poligon, and arrived at Els Vents, Son Parc by 9pm.

The apartment was exceptionally clean, quite compact, but had everything we needed for our two week stay. The weather was excellent (30C +) for 13 of our 14 days, just one day of clouds when we went to Mahon for a day of shopping. The two pools right outside the door of our apartment were empty 99% of the time, which surprised us considering it was the main holiday season. But we weren't complaining having them to ourselves during the late afternoon/early evening.

Locally in Son Parc it was quiet. We ate once at C'en Pipa which was distinctly average and the service was mediocre, otherwise we ate elsewhere on the island. The supermarket just as you come into Son Parc was very useful selling everything we needed and the service was generally very good. Son Parc beach was fabulous, we tended to get down there bright and early when it was deserted, and generally left at lunchtime before it got too hot and the beach became too crowded. Most days the sea was like a millpond, but there were a couple of windier days when I introduced my 12 year old daughter to the great holiday sport of wave jumping. I thought that 12 euros for a pedalo for one hour was good value and great fun, there are also canoes for hire. We did a walk one evening across the cliffs, to see some quite spectacular views out to sea and a sunset to die for.

We did visit the bar BJ's a few times, on our way home at night. Always a warm welcome, great for catching up on the Olympics and getting a couple of cold beers before retiring for the night. My expectations were probably unfairly of typical Brit clientele, the reality was very different, always pleasant service and on the whole very quiet, so much so I wondered how they made it pay.

Other beaches we enjoyed were Cala Pregonda, a beautiful red beach that was relatively quiet, although a good 30 minute walk from the car. A mask and snorkel are a must as there as there are loads of small bright fish and other sand dwelling specimens to see. We also went to Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta, both stunning picture postcard tiny coves that required quite some effort getting there, but very well worth the climb down, although not easy in flip-flops. The sea was a beautiful clear pale blue, quite fabulous. We also went to Cala Pilar, a lovely beach on the North coast, another 30 minute walk, but very nice, and again relatively quiet. The walk down to Pilar was very nice too, through pine woods, we saw a few lizards on the way, and there are some great views when you get close to the beach.

Mont Toro is well worth a visit, the drive up is steep but very scenic. You can see pretty much end to end of the island from the top. There is a simple church and a statue of Jesus Christ, it's a gorgeous little spot and a must see for anyone going to Menorca. Even my kids enjoyed it.

The three central towns are all worth visiting, Mercedal, Alaior and Ferreries all very different, full of real character, and we had some of our most enjoyable lunches amongst the locals, sat on pavements, people watching, at very cheap prices. We visited Ciutadella, a lovely harbour and a fascinating town, with plenty of good shopping, although a very disappointing market. Personally I preferred Mahon, which we went back to twice, a great Saturday market, and Mahon Harbour is like the millionaires row of yachts and other sea-going extravagance.

The best restaurant (by a mile) we used was El Castillo at Addaia. English owned, but local staff, simply fantastic fresh local food, impeccable service, a great menu, very reasonable, so good we went three times. Faultless! We also ate at Fornells, plenty of choice, but most restaurants needed booking and parking is a nightmare in the evening, so much so we didn't bother going back. A pretty place, but a little bit too commercialised and crowded for us.

Driving is easy, very little traffic and everywhere well signed. The island is clean, the locals on the whole were friendly and helpful and always appreciated our (sometimes amusing) efforts at the local language. The airport is straightforward, very well signed in and out, arrivals and departures were quick and simple and the shops in departures are good quality. I wouldn't have changed anything about the holiday, we all came home de-stressed, very tanned, and had a wonderful time. We will definitely go back again some time. Menorca is a "something for everyone" destination, my family all have different needs, but we were all very content with what was on offer.

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Re: Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Post by SusieH » August 17th, 2012, 8:52 pm

Another convert :finga: :finga: :finga: :finga:

Thanks for the brilliant write up - glad you all enjoyed yourselves :lol: :lol:
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Re: Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Post by watta » August 18th, 2012, 3:08 pm

Excellent report and yes a defo convert. :finga: :lol:

:supz: :dream: :c9: :finga:

Not this year now, but next, hopefully.

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Re: Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Post by Sunseaker » August 18th, 2012, 3:53 pm

:grin: Thank you for an excellent holiday report, enjoyed reading your holiday experience as I am sure others will too.
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Re: Our Holiday Son Parc - 2012

Post by trevx » August 18th, 2012, 6:43 pm

Great review and some new places mentioned- hurray!

Many thanks, so glad you had a good time and enjoyed Menorca :grin:


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