Things to do near Santo Tomas

Accommodation & Restaurant info for the Santo Tomas resort.
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Things to do near Santo Tomas

Post by crazygem » August 29th, 2015, 1:57 pm

We are coming to Santo Tomas at the beginning of October. We are regular visitors to Menorca but normally stay in the East in Es Castell. We are keen to explore a different part of the island so would be grateful for any tips for places to go & also for restaurants etc in and around Santo Tomas. We will have a car so happy to drive. also worth mentioning we will have our 2 1/2 year old daughter with us.

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Re: Things to do near Santo Tomas

Post by Sue Adderley » August 30th, 2015, 12:25 pm


I can't comment on restaurants in Santo Tomas specifically, as I haven't stayed there for years, but there are several good restaurants in Es Mercadal, the little town just up the road. There's the Moli (windmill), which is visible on the main road, Sol 32 is good (but maybe a bit pricey), and various tapas bars (I think Las Vegas is meant to be good). Santo Tomas also isn't too far from Fornells, if you take the road running though Es Mercadal.

As for places to visit, there's the little zoo on the main road into Mahon. Also, Santo Tomas also isn't too far from Fornells, if you take the road running though Es Mercadal, and it's easy to access the resorts/beaches on the North of the island taking this route. Es Grau is good for young children, as the water is shallow a long way out, so perfect for paddling about with a fishing net. The sea in early Oct is still lovely and warm, and usually the weather is good (we go that time every year, and always manage at least few days on the beach)!

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Re: Things to do near Santo Tomas

Post by glensibs » August 30th, 2015, 1:46 pm

Like you we have been coming to Menorca for years and like to try different places. We were in Santo Thomas for a few days in June. I think it will be absolutely perfect for your little one. We struggled regarding restaurants and bars, they all seemed to be attached to the huge hotels and we prefer to find small independent places. Mercadel is just a few miles up the road and is brilliant for both restaurants, bars and a wander round the little shops. Also good for cakes and pastries. We also love Playa Fornells which isn't far away but you do need to use the car as the bus service to Fornells is odd to say the least!

Hope you have a brilliant time, enjoy the mini disco in Santo Thomas!

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Re: Things to do near Santo Tomas

Post by The Voice » August 30th, 2015, 5:10 pm

Es Pins is the best restaurant in Santo Tomas run by Luis. it has great views of the sunset in the evening. The food is good quality and the prices are comparable with the other restaurants in the resort.

His wife Eva runs a small café restaurant in the centre with most of the food home made by her mum. Very good value and although not very large area is very friendly. She does the best ice cream desserts!!!

As you come into Santo Tomas, you will see a restaurant called Es Bruc again on the beach so lovely views and good atmosphere. They do really tasty burgers.

If you have a car nowhere is too far. Our daughter used to like the Taps water slide at the toboggan at Cala Galdana and Lladro at Castillo which is on the ME1 towards Ciutadella.

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